ALL IN THE DETAILS: Green With Style Envy

As summer is speeding by, we all want to begin to find clothes that will impress our friends from school. While the summer weather is here it’s easy to mix and match fall wear with summer wear. However, while picking out an outfit, how does one pick out the right jewelry? When it came to this week’s Fashionista she went with simple and to the point, instead of pieces that screamed “look at me.” This Fashionista found gold pieces of jewelry to spice up her green and striped two-piece ensemble. She did it in a way that made her outfit complete and left her friends green with style envy.

This summer has been a lot about statement pieces and finding exotic jewelry to piece with basic clothing such as plain white tops or high neck solid color tank tops. So when this Fashionista paired a simple gold necklace  with her solid colored button down, it made her green top pop and added another element to her striped skirt. By having a simple necklace, this Fashionista didn’t take away from her already classic looking outfit. She simply added the perfect piece to make her style turn up a notch or two. Gold has been a go-to color for many Fashionistas this summer because it gives off a put together vibe that also has a laid back feel.

How To: This Fashionista grabbed her favorite necklace and a pair of wedges and was out the door to her next summer adventure. Her necklace is an easy go-to for a good clean look which can be found at stores such as Forever 21 or H&M. Pairing a simple necklace with a button-down can look put together without putting too much thought into it when those early morning classes come back around. This Fashionista also created a girly look by simply adding a skirt to her top pieces. While her outfit began to come together, this Fashionista paired a pair of wedges to her outfit and in the end she created the perfect outfit for a summer’s day coffee date or whatever came her way.