I’m one of those people whose eyes go straight towards a monochromatic look instead of to someone in bright colors. It’s just how my brain works, I love simplicity. But simplicity doesn’t mean boring! There are great ways to enhance a monochromatic outfit and this Fashionista has perfected that with her all-gray look.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I immediately took in her stunning Marc by Marc Jacobs printed scarf. After further investigation, I found out that the piece is actually a special item blanket. She bought it originally as a wrap for a beach day but eventually started to wear it as an oversized scarf. Blanket scarves are huge in fashion right now. This Fashionista’s blanket scarf is an ode to those bandanas everyone wore in the ’90s. Some designers have started using the bandana print in clothing and I am surprised to say I love this new trend!

The patterned scarf works wonderfully with the zig-zag knit sweater this Fashionista picked out. From far away you’d think it was a silver gray but up close you notice it’s black and white. I love clothing and accessories that change from different distances. With no need to go overboard, this Fashionista chose to go with the staple black legging. Her metallic boots add a bit of glam flare to the whole monochromatic outfit without straying off course.

Never forget to pay attention to jewelry and beauty! Keeping with silvers and black, this Fashionista picked out a mixture of different sized rings and a simple black watch. To finish off, this Fashionista matched her deep maroon lip to her nails, something that really brings her look together.

How To: Want to try gray? Find a multidimensional knit and pair it with a retro bandana scarf. Since you’re sticking with gray and black, glam up your outfit with these glitter ankle boots!