We all know that fashion is a great way to express ourselves, but graphic T-shirts bring a whole new meaning to this idea. They allow us to blatantly send a message to the world just by wearing them. Graphic T-shirts are huge right now, especially vintage ones (because anything vintage is cooler, right?). These fun pieces give any outfit a little extra character through pictures and words. Say you really want to show your love for pizza, there’s a graphic T-shirt for you! Want to warn everyone that you’re not a morning person? We’ve got you covered. There’s a graphic T-shirt for every occasion! I’ve seen pretty funny ones and some that are almost as sassy as me. I think that’s part of the reason why people love them so much though; they’re tangible, wearable pieces of our personalities.

It’s easy to throw a graphic T-shirt over a pair of jeans and call it a day, but I love seeing a graphic T-shirt paired with a blazer, a statement necklace or even a skirt (as this lovely Fashionista displays). The beauty of graphic T-shirts is that they can be dressed up as well as dressed down, and yet they’re always comfortable! This Fashionista is wearing a cropped graphic T-shirt that’s paired well with her wine colored basic skater skirt for a girly touch. She’s also sporting a chambray shirt and some white Converse to complete the look with a casual flare.

How To: This look is extremely easy to duplicate and there’s a lot that you can do with it! Snag any graphic T-shirt that really speaks to you and match it with other pieces that’ll help you achieve the style you’re going for. Want to look preppy? Toss a collared shirt under it and a cardigan on top and you’ve got yourself a very unique preppy outfit. More of an edgy kind of gal? Pair your T-shirt with a leather motorcycle jacket and killer booties. A pair of high wasted jeans goes great with cropped graphic T-shirts and wearing an oversized graphic T-shirt as a dress with-knee high suede boots is a really cool look too (as long as you don’t have to walk through a wind tunnel—thank God for spandex underneath, am I right?). There are also lots of sites that allow you to customize T-shirts so you can really showcase your personality! So go let your voice be heard through your fashion! Have fun!