ALL IN THE DETAILS: Graduate with a Co-ord set

It’s that time of the year where our fellow upperclassmen enter the real world! As we all know, graduation is a huge step in everyone’s lives and it is only right to finish it with a bang. This season, receive that degree with a chic co-ord set. These lovely outfits have hit the runways and hopefully the receipt of your next shopping spree. Traditionally, graduation ceremonies can be a little long depending on how big your class may be. Whether it takes thirty minutes to three hours to wait for your name to be called, it’s always important that you remain excited and stunning at the same time. We all know that those graduation gowns can get pretty annoying after a while, so why not look fabulous once you take it off and pose for pictures with your loved ones.

On graduation day, there’s nothing better than to rock a co-ord set like this Fashionista. These kinds of outfits have been in style forever, but they went viral these past few months and now it’s a must have. The best part about these co-ord outfits is that they are appropriate for different events, not just graduation. This kind of outfit can be worn at events such as a birthday party, baby shower, award ceremony or even out to dinner. This Fashionista decided to rock a pastel pink co-ord outfit, in where the top has a middle section of mesh material to show showcase some edge. Notice how the bottom of both the top and skirt has the same black striped band which makes the outfit become one.

Another exciting beauty feature about this Fashionista is that classic mani of hers. You know mom will love to have a photo of you holding your degree, so why not show off those nails of yours? The co-ord outfit can only get better with a fancy manicure for graduation. It shows off how sophisticated and classy you’ll look on your big day.

How To: Due to the fact that graduation is a big day, transform this outfit from day to night to celebrate your achievement! A pair of daring four and a half inch black heels and a black smokey eye should do the trick.