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Here we are at the last article of summer semester. I’ve pointed out time and again my favorite styles; they include overall simple coordination, belt on a dress and unusual pointer items. As this is my final article for the semester, I’m going to touch on the final style of my preference: an oversized top with a minimal bottom.

Revealing all flesh and losing a stylish aesthetic are not what the summer season is all about. In my personal opinion, it is the most difficult season for Fashionista/os. However, it is therefore the season when a person’s true sense of style surfaces. Summer is when a person weaves his or her clothing onto his or her skin so seamlessly that other people, with minimal attention, are not even aware of his or her clothes. The featured Fashionista does that and shows off a distinct personal touch.

The Fashionista’s pure white complexion and blonde hair create a perfect canvas for any color. She decided on a layer of gray innerwear, colored most of her outfit red and gave a little blue counterpoint with her denim hot pants.

Besides the big pieces, she paid a great deal of attention to subtle details, too. All accessories, from the clutch bag to forearm piece and earrings, exude a similar vintage/exotic feel. Like any other capable Fashionista, her shoes are a reflection of the rest of her outfit. All straps on her sandals and pedicure are red, while central lines of blue run along the top. The heavy sunglasses add volume to the whole outfit and draw attention to the Fashionista’s face, just in case the outfit might be a bit overwhelming —they add a clear point of focus.

I dub this style one of my favorites because it preserves both the elegance on the top and freedom of movement on the bottom. Especially with this Fashionista’s lightweight sweater and fringe finish on her bag, a sense of grace is maximized in motion.

How To: It’s rather straight up this time. Reveal those legs! If you aren’t going to show off the grace in movement in summer, then when who will? The oversized top only assists in achieving this effortless look.