ALL IN THE DETAILS: Good Shoes Take You Good Places

November 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Ever feel like you need the perfect pair of jeans paired with the cutest top to feel like your outfit is complete and trendy? Well, that’s not always the case. Having a cute pair of shoes can just be enough to jazz up a not so trendy outfit and make getting ready in the morning a lot easier.

Pictured above is a fellow Fashionista whose opened-toe, fringed, heeled shoes caught my eye. She is wearing a basic pair of acid washed skinny jeans, paired with a long sleeve shoulder cut out top. But, the shoes are what make this outfit trendy and fashionable and that can happen with any outfit with any pair of shoes. If this Fashionista decided to pair this outfit with a pair of combat boot shoes, her outfit would have been looked at as more casual and comfy. Since she is pairing this outfit with the cute fringe heeled shoes, however, the rest of her out seems to be more dressed-up as well. With this she also wore a gem choker, which also makes for a more complete look. Like I stated before, having the perfect pair of shoes to go with any outfit can make getting ready a lot easier; worrying less about the perfect top and bottom and more about what is going to go good with your shoes. For example, you can put on black yoga pants and a black tank top, pretty plain and boring, but if you put on a pair of colorful workout shoes, the outfit goes from boring to eye catching!

So, next time you get up in the morning and go to look in your closet for the perfect outfit, try looking at what shoes you have first and what pair you want to wear. I’m almost positive you’ll find yourself wearing a trendier outfit each time! As always, to all the Fashionistas/os stay RAD!