With 80-degree weather expected around Los Angeles next week, the sun’s golden rays will be doing their fair share of shining. So, it’s time to start folding up pants and pulling out warm weather pieces. There are few things more feminine for heat than a flattering romper. Even though old fashion adages suggest avoiding white in winter, one could argue it’s a season Californians don’t truly experience. This Californian Fashionista started with a simple lace romper, but her accessorizing really takes the cake. With dainty gold accessories and sandals, her poolside look could easily rock a picnic, party or lunch date—even in February.

While I didn’t confirm with the Fashionista, her lace romper now looks straight out of a For Love and Lemons brand editorial. I tried tracking down an exact replica, but instead came away from my search with an affordable copycat. The romper is part wild child and part sweet innocence, perfect for layering with denim or flannels.

On a hotter day, layering for warmth might not be a point of interest. So, what’s the ideal way to dress up a basic one-piece? A classic white piece screams out for Grecian styling. There’s no better way to knock this out of the park than by grabbing some gold jewelry! Whether fake or real, it’ll take you straight from Panhellenic to the Pantheon. This Fashionista’s geometric gold necklaces reflects the sunlight, and her watch adds smart structure to the look. Even her bag has gold detailing, but her sandals shine above all else. The ankle cuffs looked amazing against toned legs and really added unique details to favorite spring footwear.

How To: Gold jewelry can be expensive, but there’s nothing wrong with stocking up on some cheaper dainty pieces! Showcase gold necklaces by pairing them with interesting necklines, and choose high heels with gold straps for nights out. Gold accessories bring out the best in everything, but pair them with classic colors for the ultimate look.