As the leaves are changing, so is your wardrobe. One of my favorite things to do is spice up a simple outfit with statement pieces. Adding different accessories can help change up any basic outfit. This Fashionista chose to combine many fall trends into one outfit. What caught my attention about her outfit though, was her choice of accessories and details in her outfit.

This fall, over-the-knee boots are stealing the show. Personally, I love this style. I think that the extra length of the boot gives more dimension to your outfit. It also can help give your outfit more of a chic look, instead of your typical riding boots. This Fashionista chose to wear a pair of taupe over-the-knee boots for her favorite fall outfit. I love the pop of color the taupe gives against her dark jeans and army green jacket.

The small details of this Fashionista’s jewelry and handbag made me fall in love with her outfit even more. Having all of your accessories be consistent when it comes to color and style is ideal this season. This Fashionista chose to highlight her accessories by having them all be gold and navy based. Her Tory Burch satchel completes her look. The size and details of the bag fit perfectly with her outfit. Although it may sound tedious, try to stay within the same color scheme when picking out jewelry and a handbag for your outfit. It will make a difference! 

Gold is my go-to when picking out accessories! The gold details in this Fashionista’s outfit add a pop of color to her everyday fall outfit. The gold details also give her look a more trendy feel. Her logo-circle Tory Burch earrings look great against her dark hair. This Fashionista also added her favorite kate spade watch. The navy band with gold details looks great against her navy Tory Burch bag and army green jacket. 

This fall try to be consistent with the smaller details in your outfit. This will help tie your perfect fall outfit together!