May 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

This Fashionista is accessorizing her everyday look with a little extra sparkle. Adding gold accents to any outfit can make your day shine. The casual look you wear to class can be improved simply by these little details.

The easy going jeans and comfy T-shirt look is great for a long day of lectures. This Fashionista accessorized with a necklace, headband, bralette and sandals. Her bralette that peeks out on her back has a cute gold heart detail, which coordinates perfectly with the other metallic accents. Her headband has gold leaves and resembles the crown of a greek goddess. Her shoes are strappy and braided, the perfect summertime sandal.

The reason to focusing your accent on one color is so great is because it’s easy, fashionable and fun! You simply need to evaluate the colors in your closet. If you have necklaces with colorful tassels, match them with your favorite brightly colored shoes. If your go-to sunglasses are tortoiseshell, pair them with your best brown sandal. Accessorizing with a color accent is as easy as matching color tones. The only way it can go wrong is if you over-do it, so just use a critical eye.

A favorite summer accessory of mine is a flower crown and the great thing about these is that they come in so many colors. If you like a particular color, then get one in that hue. It will be easy to match with all the other accessories in your wardrobe. Plus, they are great for concerts.

How To: Check out your current accessories and match your metallics. Make sure to play around with different shapes as you combine accessories for a perfect look.