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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Go Yellow Or Go Home

There is something so refreshing about any kind of color that makes a statement. Whether you like bright, vibrant colors such as neon green or bubblegum pink or if you like more subtle hues, like this mustard yellow. This color can be worn all-year round, but I think it makes for fun experimenting during the fall season because it is unexpected and eye-catching.

This Fashionista paired her yellow shoes with a simple grey dress, black shades and dainty jewelry. It is such an outfit with minimal traits, but the yellow adds a twist. She could have worn this dress with some black shoes, which would be cute, but not nearly as stylish or risky. When asked how she decided to style this look, she responded, “I just had to wear these shoes. I knew that if I wore any other crazy colors it would overwhelm the look and take away from the color of them.” Which, the Fashionista was correct about. Keeping the rest of her outfit toned down made the shoes really pop.

This Fashionista rocked those yellow shoes with confidence and excitement. Want to do the same? Go into your closet and find a color that speaks to you. It can be based on your favorite color, how you’re feeling that day, or even the weather outside! Once you have it, find less flashy garments.

How To: The trick to styling something in your outfit that has an accent color is finding other colors that work well with it, complement it, but do not minimize the value of it.