ALL IN THE DETAILS: Go Big or Go Unnoticed

I’ve spotted this Fashionista around campus many times before. Her boldness and fashion fearlessness around our preppy Elon campus continuously catches my eye. She radiates confidence and individuality with her adventurous style. What unfailingly captures my attention about her is her killer jewelry.

Have you ever asked someone where they got their gorgeous necklace and they say something along the lines of, “Oh I got it at this little thrift shop at the end of this island on the other side of the world?” Ugh, bummer. You’ll never have the chance to find that necklace for yourself. But have you ever been on the other side of that conversation? This Fashionista has.

When I asked her about her awesome jeweled earrings, she told me how she bought them during her trip to Nepal last semester. That sparked an incredible conversation about her experiences climbing Mt. Everest and traveling on the other side of the world. I loved how this Fashionista’s huge chunky necklace led my eyes up to her ears and allowed me to notice her funky, East Asian inspired earrings. This is a perfect example of why it is so wonderful to be able to wear items that you like and you think are cool. Other people may be intrigued by them, too.

How To: My advice to you is to collect uncommon pieces of clothing and jewelry when you travel. There are so many unbelievably talented jewelry-makers all around the world and even in your country. You can even look online at stores like Etsy and eBay for awesome pieces. Find items that you think you are beautiful and are conversation starters. A pair of earrings from your trip across the country is a story and a friendship waiting to happen.