ALL IN THE DETAILS: Gladiator Goddess

I remember the first time I saw gladiator sandals last summer. I looked at the girl wearing them, wondering why on earth anyone would ever want a pair of birdcages tied around their calves. Now, not even a year later, I have two pairs that I wear multiple times a week. I should probably get a new pair actually; they’re getting a little gross if we’re being honest. They’re just the easiest way to dress up any outfit. They make it look like you put so much time and effort into planning your outfit when in reality you put it together in two minutes because you were running late for class. It’s like a magic potion: “Instant Fashionista!”

This Fashionista plays up the Greek goddess look even further with a pair that looks as if they actually tie around her legs with a bowtie at the top, but there is actually a long zipper in the back (because tying them yourself would be way too much work to wear). She really dressed up these sandals with a flowy, white tunic dress and adorable starfish earrings, but you could also dress them way down too if you were just going to class or out to run errands.

How To: Looking for a way to wear your new knee-high gladiators? Keep it more casual with a pair of cut-off denim shorts, a solid tank top and a patterned kimono. Don’t be afraid to pull them off and make a statement. Let those shoes do the talking (and walking)!