ALL IN THE DETAILS: Girly Girls With Curls

You know days when it feels like you’re running insanely late? You got mascara on your eyelid, and your phone is on low battery. In the midst of this for me, I spotted this lovely Fashionista leaving class. She looked absolutely adorable and impossible to miss on campus (eliciting jealousy from me like you wouldn’t believe.) She took several details into account, and it shows!

Personally, my favorite part of her outfit is the contrast. While our Fashionista’s outfit looks sweet and girly, accented by her hair bow, she also rocks a pair of combat boots. Furthering the feminine style, she has a gorgeous, bouncy floral skirt on. Combating the cold with a pair of black leggings, she looks cute and put together. How can we not look forward to spring with this pop of bright color and bouncy skirt? The cut of the skirt also accentuates her figure, showing off her waist!

While black may be the color of your soul, (or maybe just mine) it is easy to come across as too harsh. You barely notice black enveloping a large portion of our Fashionista’s outfit; the bright colors allow her to look girly and polished all around the Wilmington campus.

How To: Bows can go a long way! Add a girlish tone, and pair it with nearly anything. Got a insanely cute floral dress for the spring, but is the on-again-off-again weather of winter too much to bare? Pop on some combat boots, leggings and a leather jacket, and go on your merry way!