ALL IN THE DETAILS: Girlie Hardware

Want to add some edge and detail to your everyday look? Accessorizing with some bling and metal brings personalized detail to an outfit. This Fashionista is really feeling the fall vibes in her burgundy dress and purse, paired with a belt and some sweet booties.

“I always look forward to the fall because of all the cute outfits I get to wear. I love to play around with layered clothes and try out all kinds of accessories,” says the Fashionista. Obviously she is into accessories looking at those fab stacked rings! Ladies, take note from this RAD example how details can elevate your ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary! While all of her rings are gold, they vary in design, adding glint and dimension to her solid ensemble.

Then who can resist an amazing handbag? While the leather and rich burgundy color screams fall, it’s the gold metal detailing that make the item something special. “The size of it is what drew me in at first,” says the Fashionista about her purse. “I need a medium to large bag to fit all of the things I don’t need, but want, to tote around with me everywhere. The lock on it is such a pretty detail with the matching large zippers.”

The great Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Not to disobey the fashion icon, but try channeling your inner Rihanna and tryout a handful of metal. Accessories have the power to make boost your outfit into a stellar look.

How To: This cool trend of the stacked rings can work for literally any outfit. Even if your clothes are flashy by themselves, a solid thin array of metal rings can compliment. An easy way to try this out is by purchasing a ring set, which are usually all matching. Put all of the rings on one hand, adding some additional bling to your taste. BOOM! You just made your hand (and self) so much cooler!