Have you ever wanted a subtle way to say, “yes I believe in equality for all genders” while looking super cool? Well take the lead from this month’s Fashionista! Her dainty, velvet choker adorned with the symbol of Venus is a fun, fashionable way to convey she is a feminist. Additionally, her mostly black ensemble is perfect for the soon-to-be Halloween season. However, this outfit is rad and versatile enough to be wore throughout the year.

This Fashionista starts off relatively simple with a black high-waisted skirt. She complements her skirt with a fitted, black and white cropped top. While this outfit on its own is adorable, her statement accessories bring a certain uniqueness. Her all black creepers help to add some edge to her ensemble and by pairing them with lace socks, her outfit becomes what I consider to be “girly goth.” Our Fashionista seems to be channeling her inner Wednesday Adams as she looks equal parts cute and creepy (because she’s wearing creepers, get it? I’m a great joke teller). Finally, her necklace is a statement piece in a multitude of ways. Not only is it eye-catching, but it shows she is fighting against the patriarchy.

How To: Start with a simple, preferably monochromatic base for your outfit. While the Fashionista pictured above rocks a skirt with a cropped top, you can wear whatever clothes make you feel comfortable. Next find some accessory related to feminism, like a brooch with either a picture of bell hooks or Gloria Steinem on it and you are good to go (fight the patriarchy).