ALL IN THE DETAILS: Get Your Headband In The Game

Living in Florida, not a day goes by where we are not sweating, or at least feel gross from the humidity. The consistent 90-degree weather with no breeze can be tough sometimes. It starts to feel like it is never going to get cold outside. With all this heat, it is hard to be motivated to dress nicely for class. Let’s be real, in this weather I just want to put on shorts, a tank top and put my hair in my ponytail. It takes little to no effort and I won’t feel as gross. Especially for us girls, we start to feel like our hair is sticking to our face. But there are ways to still look cute and keep your hair from feeling like it’s attacking your face.

This Fashionista’s headband is perfect for keeping her hair out of her face. Not only are headbands cute and the perfect accessory to any outfit, but they also prevent your hair from sticking to you. Whether it’s a lace headband, a headwrap or even a headband typically used for working out, headbands always help make my hair look more put together. Headbands are personally an essential part of my wardrobe. Headbands can range anywhere from thin charmed headbands to lace headbands to extremely thick headbands.

This Fashionista completes her outfit with a T-shirt dress, a long necklace and cute sandals. This is the perfect outfit for a hot Florida day.

How To: A headband is the perfect way to add a little something to a simple outfit. If there is too much going on in the outfit, it can take away from the addition of the accessory.