November 6th, 2015 at 2:10am

As long as your willing to brace yourself for the millions of comments from anyone over 40 wondering if the hole in your jeans were made on purpose, then ripped jeans are the perfect trend for this fall. This Fashionista does a great job at pairing a trendy pair of ripped jeans for a casual and simple look.

In order to pull off distressed denim, you don’t have to go for a grungy ’90s look. Take some inspiration from this Fashionista to look cute and girly in your ripped jeans. A big part of keeping this look fun for fall days is the colors she chose to accent her jeans. I don’t think anyone can look at maroon and not think of fall. Rather than weighing down the distressed denim with dark blacks and grays, the maroon brightens up the outfit. Her accessories are also key to balancing out the ripped holes in her jeans. This Fashionista’s camel colored vest becomes a focal point in her outfit and makes her standout. By keeping the rest of the accessories minimal, the vest creates a cohesive fall vibe throughout the look.

Step out of your comfort zone of leggings for fall and try out ripped jeans. Even if you’re not into the grungy style, by pairing your distressed denim with the colors of fall you’ll still be able to rock this trend.

How To: The first step to recreating this look is to get a pair of light wash, ripped jeans. Next, find yourself a comfortable maroon long sleeve top and a camel colored vest. It’s a fool proof fun look for fall.