ALL IN THE DETAILS: Geometric Genius

The classic sweater and jeans combination is a go-to for many college students, but the patterns and colors chosen for each piece can make the outfit less than ordinary. When we see geometric patterns we often think of fringed shirts and summer music festivals, not snow covered streets. Trying to incorporate this pattern isn’t easy for the winter, but this Fashionista managed to find a print suitable for the cold northeastern climate. A cropped sweater alternative to the usual light and flowy blouse gives this pattern a fresh look and pulls it into the colder season. With the help of flattering accessories, also made for the snow, the Aztec-inspired print is worn effortlessly.

The eye-catching shapes of the sweater bring attention to her outfit, since its thick texture allows for it to be shown instead of bundled and tucked away. The Fashionista’s nude scarf pulls the earth tones of her look together while providing another layer for the freezing temperatures. The sleek black jeans, in addition to a matching pair of thigh-high boots, balance out the fun pattern, while also complementing her long legs. The olive green utility coat is another testament to the bitter cold, but it adds another touch of color for a bohemian vibe.

How To: Want to bring your favorite summer print into the seemingly endless cold days of winter? Try the sweater option, like this Fashionista. The possibilities of this print are endless, ranging from small shapes to contrasting colors. Make sure to add winter accessories like a pair of gloves or earmuffs in a similar pattern or color palette to bring your outfit to life.