ALL IN THE DETAILS: Gateway Accessories To Style

Accessorizing can be hard to master. Sometimes an outfit can feel boring without that perfect, extra piece. Other times, that perfect, extra piece makes an ensemble feel cluttered. A balance can be hard to find, but I think that confidence and attitude defines whether a layered look works or not.

This Fashionisto nailed his assertively stylish ensemble. He kept his look minimal with dark jeans, a gray sweater and a brown leather jacket. He then brought it to the next level with his trendy accessories. He accented his outfit with a pair of round wire frame sunglasses and a wool fedora. The two statement pieces make the outfit seem more polished and classic. Additionally, he used a black leather cross-body bag detailed with brown buckles and a red and green plaid scarf to add a subtle pop of color.

What is striking about this outfit is that it looks so put together. The round sunglasses pair perfectly with the round brim of the fedora. Meanwhile, the brown buckles of the black cross-body bag contrast refreshingly just as his brown leather jacket does with his dark pants.

How To: Unsure of how to properly accessorize a winter look? Try pairing a comfortable scarf with a pair of sunglasses or hat that are outside your comfort zone. It’s easiest to explore your style through statement pieces because they are so versatile and can pair nicely with most outfits. More importantly, they are just as easy to take off as they are to put on.