October 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

Fall has finally arrived which means so has football season! It is the season of tailgating and showing off your school pride just about every weekend. Whether or not your school colors are the amazing cherry and white, dressing for the occasion can be super easy and really fun to do! While throwing on a T-shirt with your school’s mascot on the front is indeed prideful, football season is the time to go above and beyond to show just how much you love your school.

In this look, this football fan of a Fashionista makes the transformation from summer to fall easy and trendy! Starting with a simple Temple T-shirt, she layered a flannel on top to throw in even more of her school colors. You can never have too much cherry and white on game day! The flannel is perfect for a fall football game when the weather is cool and windy, but could even work for a game earlier in the season as an additional layer tied around the waist. This piece adds the best of both worlds, trendy and practical!

As said before, game day is the perfect opportunity to go above and beyond which means buying all of the cute accessories that your school’s store sells. Adding some school colors in beads, temporary tattoos and fun sunglasses make for the perfect game day accessories. They are super cute and add personality to a look that can sometimes blend into the crowd of cherry and white (or whatever your school’s colors might be).

Throwing on a few casual accessories adds the perfect amount of charm. Picking from the bunch, this Fashionista made sure to pick a few that would go along quite well with her cheerful football outfit, making sure to represent both her school colors and mascot in her bracelet choices. Layering seems to be a trend here, whether that means layering bracelets or flannels! Layer, layer, layer!

With all of this excitement at the top of the outfit, plain black skinny jeans make for the perfect combo along with plain red TOMS shoes that again, show off some school pride and keep this outfit super casual. I love how easy this outfit is to put together and how adorable it looks at a football game or anytime you’re trying to show some school pride for that matter. It’s a perfect outfit that allows so much room to have fun with and show tons of school pride at the same time. IT’S GAME DAY! Cherry on, Fashionistas!