ALL IN THE DETAILS: Futuristic Feet

The autumn weather has fully taken over, and us New Yorkers are switching up our wardrobes in effort to stay warm. The change in seasons comes with a change in color palette, but in this city, black and white rule the town.

This Fashionisto could be easily overlooked in the sea of blacks, whites and grays, but one look down and he’ll have you doing a double take. His choice of footwear might be paying homage to designer Raf Simmons who recently announced his departure from Dior earlier this month. The futuristic sneakers are what caught my eye and I had to get a snap of them. These adidas by Raf Simmons are not only colorful, but they are metallic as well, giving them a futuristic look. I love how they instantly added a spark of life to the whole outfit.

Taking a closer look, I noticed other small details in this Fashionisto’s outfit that made me love it even more. His vintage Versace overcoat is super on-trend and is a must-have for the colder months. An easy way to play up black on black is to mix fabrics, which is exactly what this Fashionisto did with his leather 3.1 Philip Lim clutch and Balenciaga pants. It’s not every day that you see a man proudly carry a clutch around, and I personally think more guys should try it. The Fashionista finished up the outfit with some vintage rings and a watch that polished up his look.

It’s amazing how easily I could have overlooked this outfit and its great details, had I not taken another look. Sometimes you really need to analyze an outfit before giving a final judgement on it.

How To: Try rocking a super unique pair of shoes with your next outfit. If you’re afraid of being too “out there,” keep your clothing simple and minimal to shine the spotlight on your shoes.