ALL IN THE DETAILS: Frozen Florals

Florals for spring? That’s not exactly groundbreaking—at least not according to Miranda Priestly. But florals for winter is a whole different story.

Frankly, I was a little surprised to see this Fashionista rocking loud floral print in the middle of frigid February. However, these vintage floral pants completely won over my attention and heart. I love that she is able to make this spring style fit for the winter months with the dark color palette in the remainder of her ensemble. The floral pattern on her pants is laid against a black background, which she then complements with her black T-shirt, hat and combat boots.

She adds a twist to the classic minimalist coat by choosing one in a dark turquoise material to add a muted pop of color. In addition to layering her jackets for the cold, this Fashionista also layers her necklaces. This is another big trend of the moment, and she interprets it perfectly with a beaded bib necklace and a longer, more delicate quartz pendant.

Any sort of pattern is guaranteed to add a little excitement to your outfit. Sometimes a print can even save your look from being simple or boring. While all of the accessories in this Fashionista’s ensemble collectively create a great look, the floral detail is what takes it to the next level.

How To: Can’t wait until spring to try out this flowery trend? Try pairing your floral item of choice with basics, such as a solid color T-shirt or jeans, to balance the outfit and prevent it from looking too busy.