These days, I feel like the only thing girls wear on their feet during fall and winter is riding boots. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just so boring to me to see every outfit completed with riding boots all the time. There are so many other options that can bring new depth and interest to your look. Some of the other styles I’ve seen sported on campus include motorcycle boots, cowboy boots and ankle boots. This Fashionista stood out by completing her outfit with a pair of moccasin boots.

The lace-up detailing on her boots gives them a particularly unique look while the fringe aspect is very on trend. She accessorized her boots with adorable lace-topped knee socks which are super popular right now; you can’t walk around campus without seeing at least a few girls wearing them.  Her burgundy leggings bring color to her outfit and make it a little bit more interesting and unique than just wearing jeans or black leggings. The thing that’s really great about this Fashionista’s outfit is that she didn’t get carried away with the bohemian vibe of the boots. By pairing them with pretty basic pieces, she keeps the boots from seeming costume-like. These boots are similar to the pair she has and these socks can help you imitate her look even further.

How To: Bored of wearing the same old pair of boots every day?  A small piece as unique as moccasins can help you branch out and expand your style without overwhelming you. When experimenting with a new looks, baby steps are helpful.