October 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Picking out glasses frames can be just as stressful as picking out an outfit. This Fashionista found the perfect frame to go along with any outfit or trend! These frames turn the stigma of “four eyes” on its head, resulting in a fashion statement.

Though untraditional, these frames are made out of faux wood. The simple color and pattern of the “wood” goes with nearly anything yet adds a statement piece to any outfit.The frames, slightly lighter than her skin tone, help her bright blue eyes stand out. She steps out of the box by pairing a striped shirt with patterned shorts and keeps her shoes and glasses simple. This Fashionista also includes a statement necklace. The necklace color and shapes differ from the patterns in her shorts and shirt and create a nice contrast in color. It puts a feminine twist on the concept of a traditionally masculine “bolo tie.”

The two patterns included in her outfit along with the glasses push you to truly look at the “details” in her outfit. The patterns create a contrast with the simplicity of the glasses. One can never go wrong with stripes and this outfit proves just that. The black and white striped shirt “pops” against the geometric pattern on the olive green shorts.  Her glasses, an opposite color from anything in her outfit, act as an accessory to pull her look together.

This Fashionista makes one last statement with her shoes. These boots put a fall twist on her outfit through the color and shoe style. Though shorts may seem summery to some, with the addition of boots or booties, they can become a perfect look for fall.

How To: To imitate this look, one should access a glasses frame guide like this one to help find the perfect shape for ones face. Finding two patterns that match can be difficult but to ease this challenge, stripes are typically an easier pattern with which to create contrast. Boots or booties, though often worn with long pants, can create the ideal fall look for the warmer days of October when paired with shorts.