ALL IN THE DETAILS: Follow The Mustard Brick Road

Leaves are beginning to fall and wardrobes are in full transition from fall to summer. Mustard is the utmost color that represents fall. Adding a hint of mustard yellow to any look can turn it into a fall outfit. Layers and fall go hand in hand. It’s easy to throw on a sweater or jacket and feel cozy. So, stow your jean shorts away and color your clothes mustard.

This Fashionista is wearing the quintessential fall outfit. The mustard doesn’t overpower her outfit, instead the Forever 21 top complements her whole ensemble. But as the weather gets colder, opt for a knit sweater instead. She took T-shirt and jeans to the next level and the pop of white in her heels balances the outfit.

Clearly, fall is leather weather and this Fashionista finishes her look with an effortless cool Zara leather jacket. It’s an exceptional jacket for fall because of it sturdy exterior and warm interior.

Mustard is a great way to implement color to one’s fall closet. Most of the times, wearing all black is an option many Fashionistas turn to. But with a mustard yellow cardigan or accessory, you can look fall ready. Implementing color in your everyday fall look will not only broaden your horizons but also, it makes an outfit more creative and less dull. While the leaves change color, stick to only one.

How To: This fall, use color to your advantage. Let the mustard pop by keeping your outfit neutral. Add edge with a black leather jacket, then complete your fall look with a pair of jeans and ‘90s-inspired heels.