ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fluorescent Flare

Break away from seasonal stigmas and brighten your fall wardrobe with retro neon accents! This season, designers went against the grain, ditching ‘60s and ‘70s wear for the radical shades of the ‘80s.

Anything but subtle, neon makes its comeback in sophisticated fashion. From handbags to coats, fluorescent statement pieces are being paired with neutrals for bold, eye-catching looks. Neon contrasts well against neutral shades, creating captivating lines.

Dress up your all black dailies with an electric blue heel or a radioactive tote. Be careful not to overdue it as too much neon can be distracting and reminiscent of rave wear. Take it from Gigi Hadid, who opted for a pair of structured, hot pink pants and suede blue heels. Both stunning and alluring, her playful take on a bright yet edgy outfit pivots neon from trendy fad to chic classic.

This Fashionista’s ensemble exemplifies the powerful effect of a neon accessory. The lime green, pastel blue and mint shades in her necklace complement each other, sparking life into her otherwise dark outfit. For a neutral base, this Fashionista chose to wear all black. Her top skims the waistline of her pants with a lacey pattern, creating a jovial air of mystery. To produce a less professional, more ultra hip vibe, her pants are embellished with two zippers on each thigh that contrast the ruffle of her blazer. The burgundy of her blazer creates a titillating contrast to the fresh greens in her necklace. She tops off a fun yet refined outfit with a pair of black suede wedges and funky gold bangles.

How To: Dress in a neutral color, such as black, gray, navy or camel. Accessorize with a bold, neon statement piece. Elevate your look with a pair of wedges and a ruffled blazer.