ALL IN THE DETAILS: Flowers in Her Hair, She Does Care

To take the words straight from the babe’s mouth, Katy Perry, from her song International Smile, “Flowers in her hair, she don’t care. Peach-pink lips yeah, everybody stares. You think you’ve seen her in a magazine. It’s like she walked right out of your dreams”. The flowers may be on her twist scarf and berry-red lips instead of pink, but aside from those two exceptions, she fits the description perfectly. This Fashionista’s makeup, hair and outfit are all on point. She looks put together and the outfit is complete with the small details that most people overlook.

This is the second Fashionista I found at Dallas Beauty Lounge. Here they are encouraged to wear what they want and own who they are. It is a close-knit group of girls who seem to love going to work everyday because they love what they do and each with their own style are encouraged to express who they are. You can tell this Fashionista cares about the details with no hair out of place and each individual accessory highlighted. Her look is not over done, but like the littlest of the three bears—just right!

How To: Go to the nearest store or closet and find neutral tan, brown or green skinny jeans. Then wear a white blouse that fits your style to go with them. Nowadays twist scarfs are easy to find because of how popular they are, but bohemian head chains or headbands can work for this look too. Put on your favorite red or pink lipstick, and do not forget your shoes. You cannot leave home without them…unfortunately.