Spring is a time to stop and smell the roses; a time to enjoy the promise of great weather, beach-filled weekends and flowers blossoming in the air. However, spring is also a time of work overload: countless research papers, time consuming projects and college functions such as Greek philanthropies. When all these things are piling up on you, how can you really take a second to enjoy the new season? Well, if you cannot stop and smell the roses, maybe you can still enjoy them. One way to do this is by incorporating them into your outfit.

Flower crowns are very on-trend for the season of spring. They can either spice up an outfit that might be more on the plain side or can be that perfect finishing touch for an intricate one. This Fashionista wore one of her own floral creations with a gray crop top and black overall dress. Since the colors of her shirt and dress are more muted, the flower crown brightens up the whole look. In other words, allows it to blossom. Finally, she continues the floral trend with a pink and gold cameo and floral lace combat boots.

How To: Just had a flower crown crafting day with your suitemates and have no idea how to wear your creation? Here’s what you need to do: find yourself a gray crop at your local department store and thrift shop for an overall dress of any kind. Lastly, a pair of ankle boots or combat boots will add some edge to an already delicate ensemble.