March 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Finally, it’s Spring Break! We are all excited thinking about the sun and the beach, being able to wear our sunglasses and not having anything else to think about. This awesome mood should be translated into what we wear and how we tell the world we are happy and free. That’s why I thought this Fashionista’s outfit perfectly fits this occasion.

By just taking a glance at the Fashionista, we realize that flowers are the most outstanding item on her look, making it a fresh and playful outfit. But, what I like most about this style is all the details that come with it that are the ones making it special.

I need to point out the fact that wearing this flower dress with a pair of platforms makes a simple dress (which you can wear to the beach, for example) into a much more sophisticated look that can be worn to any special event. Furthermore, they’re not just a pair of platforms. When combined with some funny watermelon socks, they will make you stand out and, at the same time, will give even more color to your outfit.

The pink on the socks greatly matches with the Fashionistas neon pink nails and the flowers on her dress. And if we didn’t have enough flowers, there are more in her hair. The braid hairstyle is just the perfect hippie look of this flower power outfit and also a very easy solution when not having a very good hair day.

Finally, I would also like to talk about this Fashionista’s style from the background, because sometimes we give too much importance to what is seen on the front part of our outfit that we forget that the back side also matters. This nice dress is also backless, giving you more chances to show off your new tan better! The Fashionista has also managed to include a very cute little bag into her look that matches both in color and style with all the other items she is wearing.

How To: The most important item to have is a flowery spring dress, which is very easy to find these days at a reasonable price. Platforms are also a major trend right now, and I particularly like pastel ones for this time of the year. Do not forget to include a transparent backpack or bag to create the perfect hippie-inspired, but modern look.