By now, you’ve probably got a couple of exceptional printed shirts—some floral, some animal, some tribal and some more. But when done right, like this Fashionista, prints look just as great below the belt. The trick to making your pants the focus of your look is keeping all other outfit details very solid and very simple. One color T-shirts or clean button-downs do the trick. However, if you want to rock this Fashionista’s look, an elegant blazer will do.

This Fashionista’s bold accessories add a much needed contrast to the floral trousers. The dark round frame sunglasses amplify the hipster cred of this apparel. The fabulously practical and endlessly iconic black pumps magnify the professional aspect. The tucked in, but loosely fitted sleeveless chiffon blouse gives a polished and businesslike look. This Fashionista also went above and beyond by adding a skinny black belt and a medium sized handbag; both adding darker features, but allowing for the floral pattern to stand out.

Although wearing very simple and solid accessories, the outfit would be incomplete without them. Simplicity is the best policy. Prints make you look great effortlessly; they set you apart from an ocean of solids and brighten up any accessories you’ve got. When it comes to print, less is more.

How To: Let the pattern be the star of the show. Whether a printed top, printed bottoms or printed accessories, let the pattern be the focal point of the outfit. Now, all you’ve got to do is find a patterned pair you like!