With spring approaching, students everywhere are finally breaking out those floral prints. From dresses to baseball caps, the flowers are reminding everyone that spring is just around the corner. Since we’ve been seeing some dreary skies here in Texas, it’s been refreshing to have pops of color showing up all over campus. That’s how I spotted this Fashionista.

This Fashionista’s floral Dr. Martens were a cool way of dressing for the poor weather, and they quickly caught my eye. They’re perfect for rainy days since they’re so heavy duty, but they’re a bit more comfortable and stylish than just regular rain boots. Her red rain coat also definitely added a pop of color to the outfit and gave it a great spring vibe. The focus of this outfit, however, is her floral choker.

With ’90s trends still sticking around among spring’s ’70s-inspired fashions, the idea of a floral choker combines the best of both worlds and represents the flower power ideology. It’s a feminine take on a look that commonly adds edge to an outfit. Plus, a choker happens to be a fun DIY. All you need is floral ribbon and a clasp, both found at any craft store, and you can quickly make yourself a fashionable accessory.

If crafting isn’t your forte or you don’t have time to make your own choker, tons of websites and stores sell chokers, one of which will surely catch your attention. This one is essentially an exact match to the choker sported by this Fashionista, and this one is a dainty choker of a similar style. For those of you who are looking for an edgier floral choker, this one should suit you perfectly.

How To: Find a floral choker that suits your fancy and start building your outfit around it. For an edgier look, try a black dress, sheer black tights, booties and a black sweater along with your choker. For a brighter spring outfit, rock your choker with a sundress, sandals and a light, flowy sweater.