April 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fashion tends to repeats itself with its timeless trends. It’s our duty as Fashionistas to recognize this notion and divulge ourselves in staple pieces. There have been numerous occasions that I’ve taken clothes from my mother’s wardrobe because her 10 year-old top came back into trend. Throughout the duration of this academic year, I have noticed the mass amount of floppy hats worn each season. I was convinced that this look would eventually die out once it got warmer, but I couldn’t have been more naïve.

This style of hat is flexible throughout the year because of the many fabrics that it comes in. For warmer months, you can find them in lighter materials. For the cooler months, they come in thicker materials. Also, after researching the origin of this particular hat, I’ve realized that it has traveled from generations before us. Fashion has certainly repeated itself and it appears that it’s here to stay.

I ran into one Fashionista who looked divine as she sported her floppy hat. She paired this accessory with a simple knit grey dress, black leather jacket and sandals. Her ensemble was perfect for a mid 60-degree day with a slight overcast. Her hat truly elevated her overall look, creating a classic ensemble that could be worn for years to come.

How To: Are you looking to divulge in the floppy hat trend, but don’t know what to wear with it? The hat is best styled with a simple ensemble such as this Fashionista’s. Purchase a solid colored knit dress from your favorite retailer and throw on a pair of your favorite sandals. Within minutes, you will acquire a chic and classic look.