ALL IN THE DETAILS: Floppily Ever After

Summer is the perfect time to talk about one of my most favorite accessories, floppy hats! Not only are they a practical way to keep the summer sun out of your face, but they’re also a cute way to add some personality to your outfit. Hats come in all shapes, sizes, fits and colors. However, I love the boho feel that floppy hats give off. When I spotted this Fashionista rocking her floppy hat, I knew her carefree look would be the perfect example for this article.

This Fashionista nailed exactly how to put together the perfect boho-inspired, floppy hat look! She started with a must-have white flowy maxi skirt. She paired her skirt with a burnt orange crop top. To stick with her boho feel she added a turquoise statement necklace to help bring the look together. To really “top” the look off, she broke out her favorite black, floppy hat. Altogether her simple but super cute outfit only consists of four major items. This Fashionista’s look is ideal for any hot and sunny summer day.

Like I always say, don’t ever be afraid to try things when it comes to fashion. I’m sure many of you are thinking right now that you’re not the hat kind of person. Maybe floppy hats aren’t really your style, no need to worry. Try a boater hat, or a maybe a fedora. You may be surprised to find that you ARE a hat kind of person!

How To: Want to get a floppy hat inspired look similar to this Fashionista? Start your hat hunt at some place on the cheaper side, possibly Forever 21 or H&M. No need to break the bank on your first time hat trial. Floppy hats come in all levels of “floppiness.” This Fashionista chose one with a little bit of stiffness, so it wasn’t constantly hiding her face. Pair your perfectly picked floppy hat with a boho-inspired outfit. Maybe a printed maxi dress or a cute romper. Once you find the right hat for you, you’ll never look back and may even live floppily ever after.