ALL IN THE DETAILS: Flannels Again?

At this point you are probably wondering: how many more articles will I read about flannels? I get it, you might think, they look cute and everyone ties them around their waists. However, there are many ways you can add a flannel to your outfit and not just be “basic” but stand out.

This Fashionista just finished her college final exams last Friday and was out in the Gold State Park in San Francisco for a casual day trip. She said she was not ready to change out of her incredibly comfortable exam attire (yoga pants and sweaters), but she also wanted to dress up a little to keep up with the trendy San Francisco hipsters. She chose an extra-long, black and white plaid flannel to throw over her plain white V-neck T-shirt and black capri leggings. To complete her outfit, she wore a pair of dark gray Nike sneakers, white leather purse and a ribbon-shaped ring. 

What made her outfit stood out was her extra-long flannel. She told me that it was actually called a flannel dress when she shopped for it online. In warmer weather, she wore her flannel as an actual dress with a belt and sandals. However, for San Francisco, she decided to wear it as a jacket. She could also tie it around her waist to get that familiar and stylish look.

She is Bay Area weather-proof and ready to walk the city.

How To: Extra long flannels can be used as jackets or dresses; they are also good for just tying around the waist.