ALL IN THE DETAILS: Flannel Appreciation

October is here—my favorite month of all time. It is such a festive month where every day is getting closer and closer to Halloween. It is a time where fall is here! We can kiss summer goodbye and soak in the change of the season. Fall means we get to see a different side of fashion. I love seeing people wear “fall essential clothing” which I can describe as flannels, sweaters, jeans, boots and jackets! Those are some things I love to look for in a fall outfit.

This Fashionista has drawn my attention by wearing a really great combination of some fall clothing pieces. I am a fan of oversized flannels and I think it is interesting how she has some of the shirt tucked inside her jeans and then has the rest flowing outside. It adds a high, low effect to the outfit complementing her appearance even more. By doing so it allows us to focus on the other accessories of the outfit as well as see the shape her body makes in the jeans. I love how she pairs this with a pair of brown combat boots. Brown boots add a very rugged everyday look to any outfit. Most people would opt for black boots, but with the jeans and the combination of colors, it ties the outfit together having this lighter color boot. The next item that really added some layers to the outfit was her necklace. It has a small but intricate charm that lays perfectly between the opening of her shirt. It is a simple piece that helps to add some extra accessories to the outfit. Each of these details make the outfit perfect for this time of year.

How To: Flannel shirts are a must have for fall pick up one that is oversized so you can be able to use it in different outfits. By pairing the flannel with some jeans, you can create a similar vibe and make it personal by adding different colors and patterns.