As a child, I always fought with my parents because they would continually remind me that life is not a fashion show, and that apparel should always be practical and utile. However, I did and still disagree—life IS a fashion show. But I also think fashion can be effective in both functionality and flair with enough effort.

Autumn/winter can be a tough season to style at times, especially when you have to dress for a twenty minute walk through the wind tunnel that is your college campus. Fortunately, this fall is all about layering and neutrals, a concept that is feasible and functional. Plus the whole unisex, vintage look is still quite popular so your thrift shop excursions don’t have to be limited to the department of any specific gender.

This Fashionista goes back to the basics and makes this ordinary look extraordinary with a few tiny touches of style. She layered some warm and trendy jackets paired with checkered Sk8-Hi’s and socks (super on trend, but also super great for keeping those ankles warm). To add a nice dash of feminine contrast, our Fashionista sports a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans and completes her look with fresh, clear-framed glasses and a dainty, mauve velvet scrunchie.

Winter can be sad, some great outfits might get covered by giant parkas and your favorite chokers disguised by thick, blanket-like scarves. However, this season’s love for layers and easy to thrift basics, make winter fashion a much simpler endeavor for us all.