ALL IN THE DETAILS: Find Me In The '90s

This year is the year of the ’90s—as if once wasn’t enough. We’ve wrapped our dresses in velvet and tied it off with a leather choker. We may or may not be trying to recreate every episode of Friends, but you can’t help but give into these nostalgic looks.

While Rachel Green was changing the hair game, and boy bands were taking over the world, us millennials were more than likely still in diapers. So, here we are in the midst of the return of the ’90s, and I couldn’t be more excited to truly embrace these trends the second time around.

This Fashionista is embracing these #RAD trends to the max. You can’t duplicate the ’90s without these key items. She’s all-that with this silk peach colored camisole, and she’s amped up this outfit with a rocking leather jacket. This ’90s babe is doing some serious throw-back with the iconic metallic lip. This trend was a staple in ’90s beauty, and it is currently making it’s way back into the world. This Fashionista chose a metallic rusty mauve to finish off her outfit.

She complements her banging look with a brown and rust smokey eye, and a cool toned brown eyeliner to complete it. No ’90s outfit is truly ’90s without a choker, and that’s scientifically proven. This Fashionista jacked up her look with a camel-toned leather tied choker, with accents of pearls and a pair of high wasted light-wash jeans.

Michael Jordan may not be king of the court, but the ’90s will forever have a place in our hearts. Whether you have already experienced these trends or not, it is time to embrace your inner ’90s babe and never look back.