ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fierce And Fuzzy

Although we are supposed to be moving away from winter and towards spring, the weather remains unpredictable and cold in some areas. Transitioning into a new season does not always entail sun and warmth. A fuzzy sweater with a hint of color may just be the key for those living in such variable regions. While the fuzziness will keep you nice and warm, adding some color will show that you are prepared for spring!

I spotted this Fashionista on campus sporting a fuzzy sweater that captures a velvety, winter feel and a hint of metallic color. While the base of the sweater is black, the spurts of color help to add more detail. I particularly enjoy the loose silhouette and asymmetrical hem. This Fashionista has decided to keep it cool and casual by pairing the sweater with a pair of black skinny jeans and mid-height boots. Doing so really makes the sweater stand out and be the primary luring factor. There are a variety of options that you can choose to pair your own fuzzy sweater with. That way, you can include some of your on personal pizzaz into your outfit.

How To: Having troubles bearing the winter weather? A soft sweater is the perfect solution. Pair a think sweater with some skinny jeans and boots for a more traditional and casual look. If the forecast permits, you may even consider pairing it with a skirt and some flats. Either way, a fuzzy sweater is a fashionable piece that will work well in both instances.