ALL IN THE DETAILS: Festival Edition

Festival season is officially upon us, and at the University of Southern California, it’s an occasion we take very seriously, given our close proximity to the desert oasis that started it all: Coachella. But this event, and the many concert series to follow this summer, are no longer just about what musicians you saw, but also what you wore. As fellow students and I become veteran festival-goers, we’ve learned a few tricks on how to navigate the influx of “festival fashion” that becomes available this time of year. While a bohemian spirit will always dominate, we’ve learned to tone down the daisy dukes, crochet crop tops and questionable accessories in favor of desert-friendly clothing that will last beyond the weekend.

I wasn’t too surprised when this Fashionista explained that she had ordered several pieces of this outfit for Coachella, but had loved them so much she had to start putting them to use on a hot day in L.A. She raved about the ease of the romper and its loose silhouette that would make her feel carefree and cool amongst a sea of over-the-top festival ensembles. She also felt like it served as the perfect blank canvas to be accessorized in anyway. In fact, what really stood out to me about her outfit, and what she was most excited about, was the special choker piece she had topped the romper off with.

This accessory is perfectly on-trend for this season in general—neck adornments are in—and they are an absolute must-have accessory this year at Coachella. Even better, her leather necklace fits into one of the biggest overall trends for festivals this year, which is a western-inspired look. From bandanas to buckle belts, the more western accessories you pile on, the more Coachella-ready you’ll look. And once you return to the real world, you can go back to wearing just one piece at a time, like this Fashionista was when I spotted her.

How To: Whether you’re trekking out to every festival you can, attending a few spring concerts or just embracing the festival style at home this season, be sure to maintain your own personal style when choosing accessories from the myriad of festival edits and displays. If you’re a minimalist, try a simple ribbon choker. If you’re sporty, a cool pair of kicks and some visible Calvin Klein undergarments will have everyone jealous of how comfortable you are. And if you’re truly a hippie at heart, pile on the body chains, stacked bracelets and rings. We all know festivals are really about the fashion these days, but don’t forget to enjoy the good tunes too.