ALL IN THE DETAILS: Feminine Frills

In the modern era of fashion, which is dominated by the athleisure trend and minimalism, it’s easy to get caught up in wearing plain, casual and comfortable clothing everywhere we go. Not that there is anything wrong with being comfortable and casual, but part of the fun of fashion is getting a little dressed up for no reason at all. Change up your usual uniform of jeans and sneakers by throwing on some feminine frocks for the day. When taken out of context, the words “frilly” or “girly” in regards to fashion may lead people to imagine pink fluffy dresses and bows. However, modern feminine clothing can be defined by subtle frills and detailing throughout an outfit.

This Fashionista paints the perfect picture of a modern and chic feminine ensemble, and the secret to her fabulous outfit lies all in the details. Breaking down her outfit piece by piece, there is a lot going on. The detailing in each of the pieces, however, is subtle enough that when put all together it is not too much. The Fashionista’s on-trend off-the-shoulder top has lots of pretty lace down the center and on the bell sleeves, and it has lace-up detailing. The top is interesting enough to stand out on its own, but she takes it a step up by pairing it with a printed skirt rather than something plain. When looking closely at the skirt, the tiny print can be seen, and the motifs almost exactly match the lace detailing of the top. This kind of subtle matching allows for the two detailed pieces to look cohesive without clashing. The skirt also features a scalloped hem and subtle gold buttons. Her chic and trendy peep-toe booties have little cut out details as well, and they make the outfit look dressy. The Fashionista chose to go light on the accessories, wearing just two simple and cute rings to make the rest of the look stand out.

How To: When creating the perfect, modern feminine look, it is best to focus on small details that add frill. Keep the color palette muted, and don’t be afraid to wear a pair of heels. Outfits such as these are perfect for a huge variety of occasions, whether it be a dinner date, brunch or a family celebration!