ALL IN THE DETAILS: Feminine Fitness

Among modern Fashionistas, fitness has a ton of importance, and for good reason! When you treat your body well through eating and training, it not only looks great but also feels lighter and healthier. What do more athletic Fashionistas wear when they still want to look feminine? Pink denim and lace detailing are both super girly details. Balanced with fitness accessories, they make the perfect portrait of a young and modern woman. This Fashionista is ready to be stylish on the go!

Despite her fitness, this Fashionista sure doesn’t have to sweat the hot weather! Her lace tank top looks cool, effortlessly feminine and timeless. Paired with high-waisted shorts, it creates a flattering proportion. Plus, how could you not love the fact that her shorts are pink denim? With scalloped edges, they’re a sweet switch to any boring old shorts.

The details and accessories in this Fashionista’s outfit not only show off her fitness but also help her stay fit! We’ve already talked about her flattering clothing. But check out those sandals! Perfectly matched to her skin tone, they elongate her legs even more. Plus, they look perfect for walking, whether in a park, along the beach or in the city. They’re a great summer investment to dress up or down. Beyond her pretty, dainty rings, the Fashionista has a practical surprise in store! Her fitness bracelet looks ready for action, even outside of the gym. It turns a truly awesome fashion choice into a healthy lifestyle staple!

How To: Don’t be afraid to match your fitness bracelet, smart watch or another favorite gear with any outfit! Your active life stops for nothing. Pair it with an edgy black dress and towering stilettos to track your dancing when out on the town!