ALL IN THE DETAILS: Feeling Knee-High

Sometimes I get jealous of all the things we got away with wearing as little girls. All the ruffles, the bows, the everything. It’s all so sweet and cute that it would look quite strange on anyone but a child. That’s why I get excited when I can wear a detail I love without looking like I’m afraid of growing up. There needs to be a respectful balance between youthful and mature all in one look. I tip my hat to this Fashionista for showing us how it’s done in her babydoll dress/over-the-knee sock combination.

Despite the name, a babydoll dress can go in a couple different directions. Here we see its inherent sweetness toned down in a muted plaid. Of course, you can take it all the way over to girly cuteness with pastels and details like ribbons and bows. With the plaid dress, the fur-trimmed boots are the smart choice. The color and warm material are more serious and grown up looking. This helps the outfit to stay mature and not look so childish.

The socks find the middle ground between girly and grunge. Over-the-knee socks make the leg look longer and make the perfect pairing with a short hemline. It’s like a faux modesty, they let you cover just a bit more skin from the bottom-up. The thicker material works better with this fall look and just might actually do their job of warming you up (at least a little). You can try them in different colors with textured materials, or if you want to fully embrace the stocking, you can wear a garter style sock with a ruffle at the top. It can be very playful if you don’t take yourself too seriously or very chic if you want to be more polished.

How To: Next time you wear a short dress, wear a pair of black or white stockings to go with it. Your legs are the only accessories you need.