ALL IN THE DETAILS: Faux Leather Weather

At College of the Canyons, winter classes have just ended and spring session has immediately begun. With the first week out of the way, day one of week two has just commenced. Although it is only February, in Southern California, winter clothing has already been shed in exchange for crop tops, mini skirts, and sneakers, as seen on Jennifer. After enduring a week of torrential downpour and thunderstorms, it feels nice to finally ditch the umbrellas and return to our usual light dress code… at least for a little while!

Jennifer demonstrates a classic California native look with the weight of her ensemble being carried by the details. Because the work load from the freshly begun spring semester is still relatively light, she is given the perfect opportunity to don a fashionable—and momentarily practical mini backpack. Although its size is miniature, the bag has just enough space to hold all the basic essentials: lip balm, a wallet, car keys, writing utensils, and a notepad (check, check, check, check, and check!). While we are still on the topic of mini, check out that skirt! Jennifer is wearing a faux leather mini skirt from Forever 21. To glam up her look, she rocks a pair of TOMS® sunglasses which not only color coordinates with the black of her knit mock neck cropped sweater, but also flawlessly complements the plum color of her skirt with its tinted lenses.

When wearing high-neck clothing, many women opt not to wear jewelry around the neck (I know I do). However, Jennifer takes an alternate route by sporting a silver heart pendant necklace. She is very deliberate in her decision to go for silver rather than gold because it matches the silver hardware of her skirt’s buttons. For the finishing touch, Jennifer slips on a pair of rightfully named Slip-On Vans to make her look both cute and comfy for walking around campus in all day.

It is very easy to overlook certain aspects of Jennifer’s look. At a glimpse, it is something simple that anyone can achieve. That holds true but more importantly, it is fashionable in practical manner. The stylish sunglasses protect her eyes and the sneakers cushion her feet. Her makeup even complements her outfit.  Jennifer goes for a natural makeup look complete with a pink nude lipstick as to not draw too much attention away from her skirt. It is all in the details: every last one of them!