Have you been scouring boutiques looking for that next show-stopping item to add to your wardrobe that will take your outfits to the next level? Well, look no further than this Fashionista’s outfit that features a faux fur vest. If you’re not quite ready to rock a big fur coat just yet, try finding a faux fur vest that speaks to your personality and style.

One of the main reasons that many Fashionistas/os are wearing faux fur this season is that it looks upscale and luxe without breaking the bank. A faux fur vest is a great layering piece and can be worn in many different styles. Pairing a tan colored faux fur vest over a knit sweater will create a comfy-chic look. However, if your style is more glam and edgy, try adding a black faux fur vest over a bold dress and belt it at the waist. Whether its animal printed, sleeveless, buttoned or black or white, there is a type of faux fur vest that is perfect for every Fashionistas/o’s individual style.

This Fashionista chose a black faux fur vest with subtle stripe details to keep her warm on a cold winter day. The black long sleeve shirt paired with army green skinny jeans is a simple, yet edgy, combination; by adding a faux fur vest, this Fashionista has taken her outfit to the next level. While the Fashionista left her vest hanging open, she added a bold flower necklace that keeps with the edgy feel in her outfit while bringing in a little sparkle. With a few mid-rings to carry the shine and sparkle from the necklace throughout the outfit, this Fashionista is ready to strut her trendy look around campus for all to see. A pair of black combat boots ties in with the black faux fur vest and completes this outfit from head to toe. The best feature of a faux fur vest is that it can be styled up or down for any outfit for any occasion.

How To: When you find that perfect faux fur vest that speaks to your unique style, grab it off the hanger and add it to your outfit as a statement piece. Try pairing it with a cozy, knit sweater with jeans and booties for a comfortable and chic look. Another option is to add a faux fur vest with your favorite patterned skirt and plain long sleeve shirt for a glamorous and luxurious look for the day. If you’re feeling bold, try picking a statement jewelry piece that ties in with the look of your faux fur vest to make it a complete outfit.