ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fashionably Floral

Dresses, shorts, rompers, oh my! Just because it is too cold to show leg doesn’t mean you have to push these essential clothing items to the side and forget about them for six months. You know what I am talking about; it’s March and all your spring clothes have been pushed to the back of your closet. Or if you are like me, then they are all in a tote in your basement labeled, “for warmer weather.” Since when were seasonal clothes restricted to that specific season? This Fashionista breaks out of the mold and dresses up this floral romper with essential accessories to make it seasonally appropriate.

This Fashionista took a spring and summer must-have and put her own spin on it. She started with a floral romper, and paired it with tights and a sweater to make it suitable for this harsh Central Illinois winter. Then she added additional accessories, such as a statement necklace and combat boots, for the perfect winter romper look. By accessorizing with neutrals, the bright pop of corals, pinks and reds really stand out in this Fashionista’s floral romper. This outfit is perfect for so many occasions—class, dinner with friends or for a night out!

How To: Find your rompers and other spring time clothing that is all packed away, and tailor it to this season by adding leggings (possibly fleece-lined for those extra cold days), sweaters, etc. And don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite statement necklace or bangles!