ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fashion Finds Its Muse In Music

While musicians will often use their wardrobe to enhance their stage performances, this Fashionista instead used music to enhance her wardrobe. Needless to say, she rocked it. Head to toe, this Fashionista is supporting singers and bands through her accessories, while managing to look like a rocker, herself.

Walking to class, this Fashion Institute of Technology student first caught my eye amidst the flurry of fashionably clad students strutting to their studies because of the detail on her leather jacket. She didn’t just throw on her leather jacket and use that as the piece de resistance like most would; she added pins to it. With pins and patches coming back in style, it’s easy to go overboard and get carried away with the trend. This Fashionista, however, added only three pins to her leather lapel. With one pin being from an Arcade Fire concert and two thrifted, they were the perfect addition to her look and a fun little detail. Not to mention, one of the thrifted pins had music legend David Bowie’s face on it.

Along with the pins, she continued her ode to music with a canvas bag sporting a photo of Drake. That’s right, Mr. Hotline Bling. Staring into the camera while taking a break from reading “Romeo and Juliet,” Drake’s face on that bag made this Fashionista’s outfit that much better. Not only was her outfit super cool, but it had a sense of humor to it. Drake wasn’t the only musician used as a print in this outfit. Patti Smith also has a feature on this Fashionista’s Urban Outfitters shirt. A legendary singer and songwriter, Patti gave a vintage feel to an otherwise modern outfit.

In addition to these musical accessories, the Fashionista continued her rocker look with some edgy cat-eye sunglasses she found at a flea market, some leather Sam Edelman booties and a cool pair of black cropped Urban Outfitters pants. Even down to her bright blue nails, she looked like she was ready to strum on a guitar. I don’t look like that when I go to class, but check out the following if you want to try and rock this look.

How To: Next time you go to a concert, check out the merchandise before or after the show; if you like the music you hear, why not rep it with a graphic T-shirt or pin? Don’t forget to look for vintage music merchandise at flea markets or thrift stores. When wearing your musical accessories, make sure the rest of your outfit is a solid palette so the band or musician doesn’t have to fight to be heard over a loud print.