As the weather begins to get colder, the jackets and sweaters start to come out. I know I am digging through all of my winter clothes looking for a way to recreate my look and stand out this season. For inspiration I have been searching on Pinterest for the latest styles. It seems that the ’70s are starting to make a come back, and I think it is definitely a trend to jump on. It is time to let your hair down and embrace your inner Farrah Fawcett, because who doesn’t want to feel groovy while walking to class?

This Fashionista is rocking a brown suede fringe jacket, a gray sweater, black jeans and black booties. She utilizes neutral tones and keeps the look simple. Her outfit is perfect for the chilly weather. It is cozy, comfortable and totally far-out. The fringe gives her a definitive yet classic look.

She looks vintage, but doesn’t over exaggerate her look. The buttons and zipper on her jacket also give her look a little modern twist. And her chic booties compliment her jacket, while also giving off a modern vibe. Additionally, this Fashionista has rolled the bottom of her jeans to keep her outfit edgy and fresh.

How To: When wearing fringe, make sure you keep it simple. Don’t overdo it by wearing multiple pieces of fringe. Also be sure to avoid bright colored fringe to avoid looing over the top. You want to stick to neutrals to give yourself a classic everyday look.