ALL IN THE DETAILS: Far East Movement

Remember geishas and how elegant they look with their intricate kimonos and how they just walked in them with ease? Fast forward half a century and kimonos are still a beautiful accessory to drape across your body. They come in all sorts of patterns and colors and really take an outfit to the next level.

This Fashionista works her kimono in perfectly for a transitional outfit from summer to fall. She wears a simple white dress, and since her kimono has such an intricate pattern, the dress complements the kimono without over doing it.

The kimono is obviously the focal point of the outfit. This Fashionista chooses a kimono with blue and purple roses on it. This pattern is perfect for all year round wear because the colors work for fall, but the floral pattern will work for spring and summer. The fringe detail on the bottom also gives the kimono a fun vibe.

Since the weather is starting to turn cooler, this Fashionista chooses to wear brown leather boots instead of sandals, which shows the versatility a kimono can have with different weather conditions. To finish off the look, she puts on a black statement necklace to add a bit more detail to her outfit. Also, she throws on her purple lens sunglasses to play off the colors in her kimono.

Kimonos are an excellent accessory to have in the closet. Depending on the pattern, kimonos can be worn year round with pretty much anything one has in her closet. Kimonos truly are a blast from the eastern past.

How To: Have a dress that’s strapless, but want something over your shoulders? A kimono is the perfect option. A kimono won’t be too hot if it’s still warm where you are, but will give you the coverage you need. Try one in a fun color to give your outfit some character.