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September 24th, 2015 at 2:07am

Who ever said that mixing two different styles couldn’t work well? Since the boho look is my favorite, it gets tricky to change up my routine sometimes. However, adding a detail like a felt hat is a perfect way to make a boho look seem a bit more sophisticated and chic. Hats are the perfect thing to throw on if you didn’t have time to shower before class and your bed head is a major head turner. They even work on the days when you have that beach hair that falls perfectly in line with the way the hat tilts back on your head. Either way, its a foolproof method of confirming your style in this city of never-ending trends!

Hats are the perfect accessory. This Fashionista’s hat works for all outfits and mostly every occasion. In this case, it’s the perfect way to make this dress a little more formal. Although bohemian outfits are super comfy while still remaining effortlessly cool, they can become a bit mundane when worn every day. A felt hat like this is the perfect staple item to pick up. It works for a Fashionista/o that loves to dress up on campus or even one that has a brunch date; hats are a must! Make sure the rim isn’t too overpowering and that the hat has the right shape for you, and you’re good to go. This will guarantee multiple compliments throughout the day.

Along with her hat, this Fashionista completes her look with a lovely boho dress, killer boots and an awesome statement bag. With these tips, there’s no denying you’ll be the talk of the campus.

How To: If you’re an amateur when it comes to hats, ease your way into wearing them by keeping your look simple. However, if you’re feeling fun and adventurous, take the plunge and match it up with your favorite flowy dress and fun heels.