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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Falling In Love With Textures

September 22nd, 2015 at 2:05am

Autumn is right around the corner and school is in full swing, which can only mean one thing: time to switch up your wardrobe for the cold months ahead. There is something magical about this seasonal shift. The changing leaves are majestic, lighting a spice-scented candle feels so therapeutic and you are finally able to wrap yourself in those knits that have been waiting for you all summer. While the warmth of fall is comforting, the colder temperatures can sometimes dampen one’s style. Details in the major pieces of your outfits can make all the difference, take a page from this Fashionisto’s look to see how you can look interesting no matter how cold it gets!

This Fashionisto’s combination of textures and fabrics are all quintessentially autumnal. The perfect combination of weather appropriate and fashionable is created with the use of rich textures like wool, leather and canvas. This outfit is clean while still perfect for a busy day on campus. It contains both elements of comfort and sophistication; his leather sneakers balance these elements, as does the combination of the rolled-up chino and fisherman knit. Mixing textures and small details can make a huge difference for an outfit, especially when you’re planning a simpler look for during the school year.

Finding a backpack for all seasons can be difficult, but this Fashionisto is sporting a canvas and leather bag. It is retro-inspired while still useful, which is a perfect balance of trendy and functional. It can transition easily from fall to winter and back to summer while looking good regardless of the season.

Don’t let your wardrobe falter just because the temperatures drop a bit. Use the cold weather as the perfect opportunity to incorporate your favorite textured pieces and you will be looking fresh and ready for fall!

How To: Want to mix different fabrics, but you’re worried about striking that perfect balance? Opt for a monochrome color palette rather than busy patterns. You’ll find it easier to work with a variety of textures and pieces for autumn.